The School Play Room is just about finished…we need to put the carpet down, but may epoxy the garage floor first.

Cost to date:  Carpet: $40, Chalk Board Paint: $17, Sheet Metal: $40, Dry Erase Board: $20, Cork Board: $15, TV Tray Desks (4): $40, Stools (4): $24, Teacher Chairs (2): $45, Shower Curtain Rod for door: $12…..Total:  $253

Time the kids spend in their new space…PRICELESS

My girls are loving their new paly area, they have made the inside of the garage door their “bulletin board”, they have made certificates for “honor roll” and “good conduct” to present to their visitors.  They are watching occasional movies, but more so, they are giving each other Math tests, Spelling tests, Reading tests.  It is awesome watching them be so creative with their time.  One other thing, that is amazing me, is how clean they are keeping the room.  They even asked me to vacuum it yesterday, they have NEVER asked me to vacuum their bedrooms.

My next two challenges with the room are extra lighting and a fan, preferrably a ceiling fan, to keep them cool when the weather heats up.


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